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One Month On The Road


Heidi started out in a blaze of glory and travelled down from Queensland to the centre of New South Wales, cut across South Australia then across the famous Nullarbor Plain to Western Australia. We drove big miles per day so we could start our adventure in the west.

First extended stop along the way was Broken Hill, NSW. It was a fascinating town. Known for the huge mines and where BHP started and grew to the multi nation company it is today. It is amazing to see the evidence of the sheer hard work and endurance of the old-time miners that still continues today. Pro Hart was one of those such miners before his love of painting raised him to great heights. Broken Hill and surrounding areas with it’s raw and rugged landscape make for a perfect movie backdrop. In which many great Aussie films have been made. Among the many, Priscilla, Last Cab Out Of Darwin and Mad Max 2, the Mad Max Museum is well worth a visit.

As we flew across South Australia, we drove passed many country towns. Each with remnants of days gone by and great stories to be told.

The Nullarbor lived up to the reputation it has gained. It’s long and straight and not much to see on either side. Fortunately for us, we love the sun burnt Australian countryside so it suited us fine. The country is harsh and the people are survivors. True Blue Aussies, as we are well known. Heidi thought she had found some playmates at the Nullarbor Roadhouse but it is frowned upon to be playing with the wild Dingo’s that stroll around looking for a scrap of a pie or burger left from the many tourists or truckies stopping in. We found a little gem of a campsite along the way, Bunda Cliffs. It was on top of a cliff on the edge of the Great Australian Bite

Finally made it to Western Australia. Meandered down to Esperance and along the beautiful coastline of the Southern Ocean, before heading back up the long way through Bruce Rock to Kalgoorlie. Kalgoorlie is another place that is rich with history and many stories to tell. Unfortunately, we were unable to hear them.

That’s when our journey ended as it was. Covid 19 had closed the country and we were to head home. Our eight-month holiday around Australia was to be a one-month 9000km marathon to the west and back.

Needless to say that Heidi didn’t get much sewing done but is quite excited with the way it is starting out.

Hopefully we will all be able to be On The Road again soon.

Heidi wishes you all to keep safe, keep well and keep Sewing

Heidi Ho