About Heidi Ho

I started devising Heidi Ho Patterns nearly 10 years ago to use as a tutor in a beautiful big patchwork store north of Brisbane, with my patterns being designed to explain each step of the way to completing fresh and contemporary sewing projects like bags, quilts, table runners and cushions. I was delighted to see them being enjoyed by the enthusiastic customers of the store’s classroom, and their popularity grew from there! Because Heidi Ho Patterns began as teaching patterns, they were developed not only for the sake of making a project, but to incorporate and teach how to execute specific sewing techniques, including patterns especially designed for use on overlockers. Today, my little Heidi Ho Patterns label has a range of over 50 different patterns, all still filled with clear coloured images and step-by-step instructions for every process of construction and finishing.

Even though creating Heidi Ho patterns keeps me busy, I continue to teach my projects weekly, enjoying the satisfaction of developing students sewing confidence, and keeping an ear firmly to the ground on the lookout for what projects and techniques stitchers are looking for next.

As for the elusive Heidi? My little red kelpie. Even though she’s got way too much energy to sit still long enough for a publicity shot, she’s been my loyal sidekick at my feet while I’ve been sewing from the very beginning…

I hope that you enjoy my patterns, and I always love seeing finished creations so make sure that you share yours on my Heidi Ho Patterns Facebook page.

Cheryl Houghton