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Piping foot

Piping is an excellent way to ad extra emphasis to a seam, a contrast to a colour-way, or strength to a bag. When piping, its important to choose a piping-cord size to balance your project. Medium sized projects like my bags usually use a size 2, bigger household projects like a cushion can get away with a 4, and more delicate projects like clothing uses the finer size 0. Piping is relatively inexpensive, so you should always buy double of what you need so that you can practice and to cover (Heaven forbid) any mistakes that you might make.

Tools to help you:

  • a piping foot for your sewing machine
  • tweezers

Click HERE for Heidi Ho Patterns that teach you piping

Technique Tip! Don’t try to catch your piping into your seam all at once. Make your piping first, then apply it to one seam, then join the second piece of fabric by sewing the seam again.