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Overlocker projects are usually quick and fun to sew. They can serve two purposes: the first being, overlocking the raw edge to prevent the fabric from fraying and giving it a very neat finish. The second is that you can enhance the fabric with the decorative stitches such as rolled hems and flatlock. The thicker perle thread can be used with these techniques and it will give the stitching a more dramatic three-dimensional look.

Tools to help you:

  • tweezers for threading the overlocker
  • perle thread for decorative stitches

Click HERE for Heidi Ho patterns that teach you overlocker projects

Technique Tip! Metallic thread can easily be sewn through an overlocker without all of the thread breakages that often happen when sewing it through your sewing machine. The secret to success is the thread is threaded through a looper and not the small hole in the needle.