Marty’s Quilt Pattern


Finished size – 40” x 54”  

A variation of the Log Cabin Quilt makes up into this fabulous Lap or Cot quilt.

This is a virtual pattern! Download, print, and start sewing right away!


The Marty Quilt is either a great quilt for beginners or a very quick quilt to make for the more experienced sewer.

This is a pattern that can easily be made up into which ever size quilt you wish, simply by increasing the number of squares that you make. The Lap quilt size has been made up in the pattern but if you are making a different size, just add the extra squares to the width and length. The addition of borders is another easy way to increase the size without making extra squares. This quilt also lends itself to various ways of fabric selection and colour combinations. As illustrated, the fabric in each block follows a certain pattern. You can mix up the order of the pattern, make each block exactly the same for a more uniform look or make each block totally random for a scrappy look, a jelly roll be would be perfect for this. The choices are endless entirely and up to you.