Annie Apron Pattern


The Quickest way to sew up an Apron is revealed in this pattern. It’s Quick, It’s Fun, It looks Great. Especially when you dress it up with the embellishments on the front. This is a virtual pattern! Download, print, and start sewing right away!


Finished size – 34” w x 29” h

The method used in constructing this apron leads the way to so many variations. The pattern embellishes the top with buttons and hand sewing sashiko style but the whole apron can be embellished. It leaves a big open space for an all over embroidery, it’s begging for an applique and because it’s lined, a patchwork technique would be perfect. The size can vary without any trouble, simply reduce or enlarge the size of the square. Ideal for making it for children, or even better, get the child to make their own. It’s that simple!!


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