Jacqui Quilt Pattern

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The Jacqui Quilt is not only a gorgeous single bed size Quilt, it is also the perfect Quilt Design that can be made into a Doona Cover simply by sewing with the overlocker. This is a virtual pattern! Download, print, and start sewing right away!


The Jacqui Quilt is the perfect design to turn into either a Doona Cover or a Quilt. The piecing in the design can easily be achieved on the overlocker which means no fraying of the fabric. So you really can get that patchwork look on a doona cover. This quilt has been made and illustrated using the overlocker but can also been sewn as a normal patchwork quilt on a sewing machine using the traditional method of a ¼” foot. For either project, sew up the quilt top as per instructions. Follow the illustrations on the last pages to complete either the doona or the quilt.


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