Up and Go Pack Pattern


Prepare your project at home then carry it all together in this handy pack. Keep everything you need in the one place. It keeps it neat, it keeps it together, and it keeps it from getting lost. It keeps it easy!!!

This is a virtual pattern! Download, print, and start sewing right away!


The Up & Go Pack is for exactly what it suggests. When you are going off to a sewing class or retreat & you need to get all of your projects cut out & ready to take. Lay out all of your cut fabric pieces in the block roll & roll it carefully. All of your pieces will be together, neat & not creased. The Rotary Roll has clear vinyl pockets ready to pack your rotary cutters & other tools you need for that project. The scissor holder is to protect the points of the scissors from not only piercing fabric but also from being damaged themselves. It will hold a large, medium & small pair. When everything is prepared & ready you can throw it all in the Carry All & you are ready to Up & Go.