Harper Playmat Pattern


Finished size – 49” x 49”

The Harper Play mat has been designed for the Baby to lay in the centre of the mat, surrounded by blocks. Each block has something different to fiddle with. The only limit is your imagination and the embellishments that you have on hand.

This is a virtual pattern! Download, print, and start sewing right away!


The Harper Play Mat is an amazing mat. Sensory is very important for baby’s development, which is why Heidi has designed the play mat. The mat has a large 30″ flat square in the centre, plenty big enough for the baby to lay comfortably. around the outside edge is a series of blocks to form the border. Each block has a different technique to keep the baby amused. The centre block on each side has a ribbon sewn across it to attach a rattle or similar type toy. There is instructions and a requirements list in the pattern for each block that has be sewn as per the sample. However they are a guide only, the blocks are completely open to do what ever you wish. You can embellish you blocks using whatever you have on hand. Each block illustrated has an embroidered motif sewn on it that matches the theme of the feature fabric. Alternately, you can sew an applique or just use patterned fabric.

The pattern does include step by step instructions on how to construct the quilt itself. The centre panel and each block is cut and quilted individually before they are sewn together using the Quilt As You Go method using Trams. A tram is the strip of biding fabric that covers the seam allowances.

I am sure that you enjoy making this play mat as much as the baby enjoys playing with it.