Perfect Pal Pencil or Accessories Case Pattern


Finished size – Opening – 13”, Height – 6”, Base – 11” x 3”  

If ever you have needed a Case then this is the one for you. It’s large enough to keep a lot but small enough to throw over your wrist and carry. Thus, making it the Perfect Pal.

This is a virtual pattern! Download, print, and start sewing right away!


The Perfect Pal is aptly named. As a Pencil Case, it is long enough to fit a 12″ ruler plus all of your pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, sharpeners, compass, protractor and what ever else you may need in class today.

As an Accessories Case is it Perfect for the Ladies for anything from office stationary, craft tools, make-up or medications. For the Men it’s a great shaving bag. For the Kids it makes a great traveling toy bag for little dolls or cars.

The Perfect Pal has a large opening in the top and a flat base which means that you can open it up and see everything there is inside. The wrist strap makes it easy to carry when you have your hands full.