Matty Mat and Ruler Bag Pattern


Finished size – 20” x 28”

Make this great bag to carry your Mat & Rulers or even your Embroidery Hoops. Safely, Stylish & all Together.

This is a virtual pattern! Download, print, and start sewing right away!


The Cutting Mat and Rulers are essential tools for sewing, especially the crafty side of sewing. Even though sewers usually have a selection of each, it is something that you only need to buy one of each style as they don’t come cheap. For this reason, we need to look after them. If they are safe and sound in your sewing room, on a flat table, then that’s fine. The danger can occur if you have to pack them up and in particular, traveling to sewing classes, retreats or a friends house to sew. The mat is susceptible to the heat in the car and can irreversibly bend. The rulers can snap if squashed against something firm or chip if they are dropped. The Matty Mat Bag is specifically designed to protect your precious commodity. It has a large pocket for the mat. One long pocket for the 24″ ruler, one short pocket for the 12″ ruler and a small pocket for small templates and the rotary cutter. A large square pocket can be added to the back of the bag for your big Square ruler, either on the inside for extra protection or on the outside for easy access. All of the pockets can be adjusted to the size of your individual rulers if they differ from the standard. It is also very handy when you attend Embroidery classes. Just pop your hoops inside or go one further and include special pockets for the reason. Which ever way you use it, just use it. It makes sense !!!